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Topping the business cycle?

Oltre a essere incompleto, il Pil è anche impreciso, non è adatto ai tempi rapidi delle decisioni di oggi e per giunta arriva in ritardo. Quanto meno si deve integrare con altri indicatori. Proprio usandoli, in questi giorni, emerge un dubbio: e se fossimo al vertice del ciclo?

As well as being incomplete, the GDP is also inaccurate, is not suitable for rapid decisions today and in addition is always realesed too late. Is a good practice reading it with other indicators. Some of them tell us we could be at the top of the business cycle, yet.

Secondo la rete neurale NILO, la recessione del Pil lambirà il 2 per cento

NILO is a NEW Italian business cycle leading indicator based on a neural network. It is made by 15 independent variables and points to a slump of about 1,5% of the italian GDP in the first quarter 2012