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Congiuntura: USA ed Europa divergono. I risultati del nuovo indicatore BWI

BWI-US e BWI-EU sono due nuovi indicatori proprietari del ciclo economico reale dell’economia americana e dell’eurozona.

BWI-US and BWI-EU (Business Indicator Watcher) are proprietary homogeneous indicators of the business cycle in the U.S. and in the eurozone. They anticipate the performance of the GDP. Both are currently in “safe zones”, ie do not foresee a recession, as indicating a weakening of of the eurozone vis-a-vis a strengthening of the American economy.

Secondo la rete neurale NILO, la recessione del Pil lambirà il 2 per cento

NILO is a NEW Italian business cycle leading indicator based on a neural network. It is made by 15 independent variables and points to a slump of about 1,5% of the italian GDP in the first quarter 2012